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APRIL 2016

Herons (20/04/16)

Grey Heron

A team of trainees, including students from Sheffield University, led by Steve and Dan went across to the island heronry at Renishaw lake on Saturday hoping to ring any chicks. The first tree chosen contained 3 nests and after an arduous climb by Gareth (pictured below) the nests were found to contain only eggs; 3 in one nest and 2 in each of the others.

The second tree climbed also contained 3 nests and Gareth again climbed this, (don't know where he found the energy after the first!) One nest contained one very small chick, too young to ring, another also contained 3 small chicks, but we did manage to successfully ring the one chick from the third nest that had grown sufficiently.

Thanks to Dan (pictured above) for bringing his rig along to make this possible and for being the ferryman to the team of eager trainees.

Lorraine Miller


MARCH 2016

DOS Talk (18/03/16)

Two young group members Evie and Abby Miller, as recipients of a grant from the Pimm Fund held by Derbyshire Ornithology Society (a fund to help young ornithologists/naturalists living in Derbyshire), were invited to present to the DOS AGM on March 18th how they had used their funding. Last breeding season Evie and Abby put up 20 nest boxes in their school grounds in Etwall, South Derbyshire to monitor the nests and ring any chicks. The money they received paid for the nest boxes and some ringing equipment. The girls presented a summary of results, talked about what they had learned and what changes they had made prior to this breeding season. Box statistics can be found here Evie's Blog The girls also talked about their enthusiasm for birding and their ringing training with Sorby Breck RG. Their talk was very well received and the DOS is very keen to encourage and support likeminded young people. Please contact Bryan Barnacle for more information at DOS

Abby (left) and Evie (right) presenting at the Derbyshire Ornithological Society AGM


Ringing Demo (14/03/2016)

Yesterday there was a ringing demonstration at Hardwick Hall for the young wildlife group. There was a good turnout of some young, but very keen children, who in between making their bird feeders were able to see close up some of the birds we caught.

Although it was a lovely day weather wise we were not blessed with good numbers of birds in the net. Fortunately, Dan came along to catch some Canada Geese and a Mute Swan.

The children also saw Nuthatches, Willow Tit, Wren and Great Tits ringed. Thanks to all the ringers who came out to help.

David Atkinson



Ringing Demos (26/02/2016)

We've held a couple of demos in the last month, one for the general public at Creswell Crags and another at Whitwell Wood for members of Worksop U3A Natural History Group At the Crags our catch included eleven Siskins (below), a species in the hand which went down especially well with the visitors. Another highlight of the morning was a Grey Wagtail caught by netting across the narrow waterway near the visitor centre.

Following our most recent demo in the wood, one of the attendees, Keith Snowden, emailed to say,

"I would like to express my thanks to you and the rest of your members who made us feel so welcome. I have never seen a Treecreeper and to see one up close was fantastic. Seeing the birds up close like that is great and we are learning so much by asking our questions and getting the answers from your members."

Here are a selection of Keith's photos he took during the morning. We are grateful to the support Gilly Callaby and the group's members give to our ringing activities.


Marsh Tit

Blue Tit


Dean (left), Mary (middle) and Jack (right)

Eleanor Wilkins


Jack Snipe (01/02/2016)

Conditions recently were at last good enough to get some nets up on the marsh at Blackburn Meadows, for an attempt to catch some Snipe. My hopes were high as the day before I counted 21 Common and 7 Jack Snipe in the same area. We only managed to get 1 Common but 3 Jack Snipe (pictured below) were nice.

Kevin Bower



Ringing Waterfowl (26/01/2016)

With the recent weather hindering many a mist netting attempt, and now with the cooler temperatures finally arriving, I have turned my efforts to the waterfowl on local lakes and ponds again. Many of the birds in these suburban environments readily welcome food handouts from the public during winter months, allowing easy capture for ringing.

Within the first two weeks of the new year, 129 Mute Swans, 36 Coots, 33 Canada Geese, 4 Greylag Geese, 2 Tufted Ducks, 2 Moorhens, a Mallard and Black-headed Gull (a total of 208 birds) have been processed and/or ringed. Of particular interest have been both Mute Swans - which Sorby Breck has been colour ringing extensively over the last ten years - and Coot which we are now colour ringing too (see picture below). Both these colour ringing projects have seen some fantastic movement of birds throughout the country, and now even into Europe.

I was particularly pleased to catch two Moorhens at Thrybergh Country Park, with the use of a three metre mist net and some wholemeal bread. Both were sexed as males and the pictures here clearly illustrate the difference in age. The EURING age code 5 bird (pictured below) possesses white under parts and speckled white chin, with the 9th primary feather pointed and narrow.

Up until the year end, there is a colour difference in the iris of the eye to also assist with the ageing of these birds, but worth noting that from January onwards, the crimson colour is as the same as an adult bird (pictured above).

Two male Tufted Ducks (one pictured below) were also caught at Rother Valley Country Park. As these birds dive for food, it's a good idea to take along some wheat or mixed corn which can be fed in to the shallows of the water, which then allow for birds to caught by hand when they rise to the surface once more.

I have begun a blog for my own ringing activites, which can be found here

Dan Sidley


Crossbill (18/01/2016)

Amy, Helen and I joined Phil at his Broomhead Reservoir feed site on Saturday morning. This is a mixed broadleaf and coniferous plantation with running fresh water creating small pools.

Over 140 birds were processed in total including Coal Tit, Blue Tit, Nuthatch and Treecreeper, but the star bird was this first winter male Crossbill. A good start to my year being a new ringing species for me. Thanks Phil!

Kevin Bower

Sorby Breck RG Annual Report 2015 (03/01/2016)

Our report is currently being compiled and will be available soon - watch this space.