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Book Review by Phil Lawson

 While out walking from Redmires along a footpath over the moors, I got talking to another birdwatcher on the subject of grouse. He asked me if I'd read Mark Avery's book 'Inglorious' about the conflict between birds of prey and grouse shooting. He mentioned how gamekeepers shoot brown hares because they carry a tick that could spread to grouse.

Although I was familiar with the problems of raptor persecution, I had not heard of this before. He recommended I read the book so I ordered it from the library. I picked it up on Wednesday lunchtime, thinking it could be a dull read. How wrong I was! I could not put it down and had read it by Friday teatime.

The book tells the story of the battles between bird lovers and grouse shooting over the past 40 years or so. It puts forward a strong case for banning driven grouse shooting as the only answer to improving the lot of upland birds of prey. The book refers to two cases on our patch of the successful prosecution of keepers. I was a witness in court alongside the RSPB and other members of our group for one of these cases. That was 15 years ago now and nothing has changed. I began to think just how many birds of prey have died in the Dark Peak during this time.

'Inglorious: Conflict in the Uplands' is a highly informative and compelling read. I recommend you all read it and then make up your own mind as to the best way forward.


'The Birds of Derbyshire'

This book contains 376 pages with 319 species accounts and breeding bird distribution maps.

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'Breeding Birds of the Sheffield Area'

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Ringing Trip to Sweden, Aug 2015

Two members of Sorby Breck RG, Steve and Geoff along with Bill Jones from south of the Thames, decided to make a return visit to Sweden after their visit in September 2014 to Kvismare Bird Observatory. Kvismare is just west of Stockholm but this time we were going much further north to the remote ringing station of Ånnsjön Bird Observatory.

To get there we had to go through HELL and back. The expedititon started with a flight to Gatwick to Trondheim in Norway, our late arrival involved staying overnight in the city read more...

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